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Surreal human figures melting into landscapes of the poet's search for understanding

Artwork The domino players of Maida Hill

The domino players sit around the market square in Maida Hill, slam the dominos amid much laughte... Read more

For Sale £1950
Artwork Space

One of a series of graphic portraits painted of local people in the Maida Hill area of London. I ... Read more

For Sale £1950
Artwork Talking to butterflies

Graphic from stencil interwoven with my own fantasy painting style.

For Sale £700 2 Loves
Artwork Portrait of Ed & Maya George

Portrait using stencil then painted through in fantasy style. Commissions accepted.

Artwork Selfie

Inspired by a selfie sent to me by South African model Wandile Mavimbela

For Sale £1250
Artwork Pool of desire

61cmx49cm acrylic on canvas

Artwork The river carry me there

acrylic on canvas 100x100cm

Artwork Flower garden pond

Birds, fish, flowers, fluid brushwork, impressionist

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Artwork The penny drops

We fold and blend into our ancestors, the background, our lovers and then ethereal earth.

Artwork Another chance meeting at The Pig & Chicken

Oil pastel applied as finished strokes. Acrylic pig chicken flowers hard edge around soft illusions.

Artwork Riverbank

Fish, butterfly, frog, swirl between the reeds under the waves

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Artwork Where the bees go we follow

Where the bees go, so do we pied pipers with lemmings following, leading ourselves into oblivion.

Artwork Amaze in love

How emotions turn us around bees floating from flower to sinking in a world of illusion what lasts?