Information for Artists

The information below is intended for Artists. In addition to the details on our Home and FAQ pages it should provide answers to all your questions but if any clarification is needed, please email us and our Artist Support Team will get straight back to you.

What is MyArtBrief ?

For UK Artists, MyArtBrief is an art commission matching, take on and management platform where you can also sell your existing Artwork at one of the lowest commission rates available.

For everyone else, it's the only service that finds Commissionable Artists who can create exactly what they are looking for with the click of a button!

What are the goals of MyArtBrief ?
  1. We aim to be the site for Art Sales and Art Commissions for UK Artists;
  2. make UK Artists work as affordable as possible via low commission rates;
  3. bring Art commissioning to the many, not just the few.

We'd like you to be part of that goal!

How does the platform work ?

MyArtBrief facilitates the entire Art Commissioning process between the customer and Artist online in simple steps:

  1. Creation of a detailed Art Brief by the customer.
  2. Matching of Artist Profiles to the Art Brief based on the Artists Skills.
  3. Notification to Artists of matching Art Briefs.
  4. Submission of Quotes and Schedules by an Artist to the customer.
  5. Customer acceptance of Quote/Schedule, creation of Art Commission Contract, (view template here ) and full payment processed by MyArtBrief Ltd.
  6. Dispute management should anything go wrong during the art commissioning process.
  7. Exchange of completed Artwork and payment to Artist.

A Conversation facility to enable dialogue between the customer and Artist can be used at all stages of the art commission and the conversation is included in the generated contract when a Quote is accepted.

What are the fees ?

Sign Up and use of the site is completely free!

Use of the site by Artists is funded from a 22.5% commission of the Artist Fee in a Quote for an art commission, (only if Quote is accepted) and a 22.5% commission or £5.00, whichever the greater, for a sale of existing Artwork. No additional VAT and no additional payment processing fee.

When an Artist creates a Quote, they enter their fee and they will be shown the amount of commission due on completion.

e.g. If an Artist entered a fee of £100, the commission payable would be £22.50 and the artist would receive £77.50 on completion of the brief. Any amount for postage and packing is passed direct to the artist and excluded from the commission calculation.

We want to make Artists work as affordable as possible and we need to fund the site. We believe these charges are very fair based on traditional and online gallery fees. We aim to reduce the fees as the service becomes more widely used.

How do Artists Sign Up ?

From the Sign In page you can select one of the social media icons and we'll link your social account to your MyArtBrief account so you'll never have to remember and enter a username and password to sign in. If you prefer, select the Sign Up link on the Sign In page and you can choose a traditional username and password combination. You can always link your social account later if you prefer? Please don't worry about granting access to MyArtBrief from your social media account as we only need and request read access to allow you to login.

During Sign Up you will be asked to read and agree to an Agency Agreement. The primary function of the agreement is you allowing MyArtBrief Ltd to enter into a contract and accept payment on your behalf when the creator of a Brief accepts a Quote and Schedule that you submitted via the service. The terms in the agreement should also give you confidence that we are simply acting as an Agent and that MyArtBrief Ltd holds no rights to you or anything you create.

Once signed up, you'll have access to edit your Artist Profile from the My Account menu. Here, you can write your biography, select the types of art, mediums, compositions and styles you prefer to work in and upload images of your work into 1 or more galleries you create. We'll only match Briefs to the options you select in your skills section so you won't see any Briefs that aren't relevant. If any of the Artwork you upload is available for sale you simply enter the details during the upload.

From the My Account menu there will also be a Profile option where you can manage the information you signed up with along with addresses and notification preferences.

If you experience any issues during Sign Up or have any other concerns then please email us and our Artist Support Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What happens after Sign Up ?

Once you have submitted your Artist Profile for review, we'll let you know within 7 days if it has been approved or if any changes are required.

If it's approved, you'll receive notification of any open Briefs that match your chosen skills. You'll also be asked if you would like us to send your email address to our partner Jackson's Art Supplies to receive a 10% discount on purchases from their site.

We hope you agree with us that MyArtBrief presents an excellent opportunity, not only for all Artists but for Art to become more accessible to everyone.

Click here to sign up and create your Artist Profile.