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#31 - A silver 'windswept' Bonsai tree

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by Steve

The silver aluminium wire tree is in the 'Windswept' style, and it sits atop of a moss effect covered hill, in a grey stone pot. The direction and angle of the branch structure is mirrored nicely by the moss hill, and the width of the pot allowed me to exaggerate the simulated stretched effect from the wind. The dimensions of the piece as a whole are: Height - 12cm Width - 13cm Depth - 8cm

H 12.0 x W 13.0 x D 11.0 cm

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£45 (Approximate Fee to 'Create Similar')

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Steve is a self taught artist that designs and creates Wire Bonsai Tree Sculptures. He draws inspiration from traditional Bonsai styles and combi... Read more

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