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Artwork A Moment

Oil on canvas

For Sale £260 1 Love
Artwork Three Horses

Oli Painting copy. Painted on card and inspired by blending oils creating a feeling of realism.

For Sale £1000
Artwork Milly

Original oil on canvass. Inspired by impressionism to create a different feel close up and long d... Read more

For Sale £400
Artwork Poppy Field

Original. Oil on Canvass of a local poppy field.

For Sale £1500
Artwork The Saddler

This is a pencil drawing on card. Taken from my own photograph of a local saddler. I have used a ... Read more

For Sale £150
Artwork Lady with squirrel

Oil painting on card painted when I was 17 years old. It is a copy from a postcard.

For Sale £1000 1 Love