A small collection of my artwork

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This collection provides a small sample of some artwork done in the past.

Artwork A Moment

Oil on canvas

For Sale £260 1 Love
Artwork Roma

Oil oil canvas board

Artwork Proud

Oil on canvas

Artwork Baby Talia

Pencil sketch while the baby was sleeping.

Artwork Three Horses

Oli Painting copy. Painted on card and inspired by blending oils creating a feeling of realism.

For Sale £1000
Artwork Milly

Original oil on canvass. Inspired by impressionism to create a different feel close up and long d... Read more

For Sale £400
Artwork Poppy Field

Original. Oil on Canvass of a local poppy field.

For Sale £1500
Artwork The Saddler

This is a pencil drawing on card. Taken from my own photograph of a local saddler. I have used a ... Read more

For Sale £150
Artwork Lady with squirrel

Oil painting on card painted when I was 17 years old. It is a copy from a postcard.

For Sale £1000 1 Love