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Drawing of mother and son

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by Toria

Commissioned drawing of a mother and son. This took approximately two to three weeks to complete. My favourite about this drawing is the strong contrast between the mother wearing a white top and light hair against her son who has dark hair and colourful shirt. Having contrast in a picture is seen a lot in my work because I think it makes a drawing stand out, especially when contrast is used to bring out certain features.

H 22.0 x W 30.0 cm

  • Picture/Painting
  • Multiple Portrait
  • Realism
  • Coloured Pencil
  • Paper

£140 (Approximate Fee to 'Create Similar')

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Toria is a part time self taught artist based in London. Art has always been her number one passion having started drawing at a very young age. Sh... Read more

  • Picture/Painting
  • Digital Artwork