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Infographics for a Physiotherapy Department

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by Jose

The theme of this poster was to show a diverse spectrum of patients all requiring physiotherapy input. The poster was intended to highlight the importance of cancelling appointments allowing others to take them. The characters were all illustrated separately and then scanned at 600dpi into Adobe Photoshop where titles were added. The poster was printed on non glossy card which accepted marker pen and to be wiped clean. It was mounted on foam board for rigidity. It took 4 weeks to complete.

H 84.0 x W 59.0 x D 0.5 cm

  • Picture/Painting
  • Human Figures
  • Illustration
  • Pastel
  • Card

£150 (Approximate Fee to 'Create Similar')

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Kingston upon Thames

José has an HND in Graphic Design, (1999) and a BSc Animation (2001). His first passion has always been creativity and commits his spare time to p... Read more

  • Picture/Painting
  • Digital Artwork