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by Kes

3D assemblage arranged in a printer's tray. 24 sections, each labelled with a single word: Bird, berry, petal, contain hand-crafted dioramas: a paper rose on a thorny stem; a paper sculpture of a snail, and a few found objects: a feather, a painted pebble. Bits of lyrics from songs by The Cure, Lightning Seeds, Joanna Newsom and others adorn the interior walls in tiny writing. Earthsong was in the 'Natural Selection' exhibition at the Espacio during the Chelsea Fringe Festival 2013.

H 50.0 x W 30.0 x D 6.0 cm

  • Conceptual Art

£350 (Approximate Fee to 'Create Similar')

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Kes specialises in animals and birds, but is always happy to try other themes. Her past work includes painting, drawing, etching & print-making, di... Read more

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