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Dwarf Blacksmith

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by Jamie

"In the scorching fires of their ancient furnace the sweat of the Dwarven Blacksmith steams. The sparks of hot iron hiss from the loud clang of their hammer strokes, as a new piece of history is forged". Print available on request on A3 rich 350gsm paper with a Silk finish. For £19 including PnP (add £3 for international shipping). Take a look at my other listings for more prints, and original artwork!

H 42.0 x W 30.0 cm

  • Digital Artwork
  • Myth & Fantasy

£600 (Approximate Fee to 'Create Similar')

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Haywards Heath

Jamie is a digital artist based in Sussex, England. Specialising in fantasy and sci-fi art, Jamie has produced artwork for multiple industries ... Read more

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  • Digital Artwork