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RaraAvis Full Time Professional


Born in Riga. RaraAvis is a Latvian Academy of Fine Arts Graduate. RaraAvis considers herself a real Artist because RaraAvis makes Art for the sake of Art itself and not for the money. Considering herself one of the best in drawn portraiture and life study. A hopeless victim of aesthetics and sophistication. RaraAvis considers her art as having a touch of mystique, which in turn makes RaraAvis' work both different and memorable.


  • Conte
  • Graphite
  • Crayon
  • Coloured Pencil
  • Oil
  • Pen And Ink
  • Charcoal
  • Pencil
  • Animals & Birds
  • Pet Portraits
  • Abstract
  • Human Figures
  • Multiple Portrait
  • Human & Animal Portrait
  • Single Portrait
  • Myth & Fantasy
  • Illustration
  • Impressionism
  • Realism
  • Surrealism


  • Will work from a photo
  • Ships Internationally
  • Ships 'Artwork for Sale' within 4 Days
  • Prices from £250 to £3000