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NickH Part Time Professional Self Taught


Born in Cheshire, and now living in the North East of England, I am an oil paint artist. I regard, oil paint as the perfect medium for capturing light, depth of colour and atmosphere. My work is Influenced by a range of classical painting movements - applied with a fresh approach. I strive to express a sense of detail with loose fleeting brush strokes and capture a feeling that a photo alone cannot portray. With a commercial background in design, solid compositions also play a strong part in my art.


  • Oil
  • Cityscape
  • Seascape & Skyscape
  • Building & Architecture
  • Landscape
  • Realism
  • Illustration
  • Impressionism


  • Will work from a photo
  • Only Ships within the UK
  • Ships 'Artwork for Sale' within 5 Days
  • Prices from £175 to £799



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3 years ago

We are really pleased with the lovely painting from Nick. The artwork really captures the essence of the landscape. Nick was really helpful in suggesting and adjusting some colouring's in the photo that helped make the buildings stand out. The process was excellent - everything done as promised. We would recommend.


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3 years ago

Nick has done a fantastic job on this commission. He has been quick to respond to any questions and to make sure I was happy with the project which required some artistic license on his part. The final painting is fantastic! I am very happy with the style and the quality. of NIck's work. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again on a future project!


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3 years ago

We couldn't be happier with the painting that Nick created for us - it captured something really special. His painting takes pride-of-place in our living room now.


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4 years ago

We were very happy with Nick on this commission. Our brief was very vague so Nick guided us through until we decided on a concept of a family group (including pets) in the garden with the house in the background. We then provided Nick with lots of photos and he made a Photoshop mock up of the painting so that we could check we were happy with the composition. The first mock up was perfect and Nick started painting. We have just received the painting it's great. The house and garden are brilliantly painted. The peoples heads are in a slightly stylised, almost naïve style, which we happen to like. I think Nick is very strong on buildings and landscapes, if you are expecting a photo realism for portraits I would look elsewhere. His communication was fantastic and I would certainly use him again, particularly if I wanted a particular landscape or cityscape painted.